Our story....... Rick & I were looking for a lifestyle change & had travelled throughout Central & South America, Bahamas & Caribbean and wanted to find a spot to build a home. We got married in St. Croix & during a drive with our taxi guy; Rick asked him, "If you could live anywhere in the Caribbean, where would you live?" The driver responded with Dominica; his daughter married a Dominican & it's the most beautiful country he has ever been too. That's what put Dominica on the map for us. (Dominica, meaning the Commonwealth of Dominica in the West Indies, situated between Guadalupe & Martinique....not Dominican Republic.) We took a scouting trip to Dominica in November of 2006 and agreed with our taxi drivers' observation & moved here 3 months later! Not only does it have amazing topography, it claims to have as many rivers & waterfalls as the number of days in the year! And the people here are amazing, friendly & helpful wherever you go. You just have to remember not to be alarmed when you see some one walking down the street with a machete/cutlass; it is not a weapon, it is what I call their 'Swiss army knife', they use it for everything! A shovel when working in their gardens, to landscaping maintenance, utensils, knife & fork included!

I always say my husband ‘tricked me’ into moving to the Caribbean; I thought I was signing up for rum punch, rivers & hiking…little did I know we would embark on such a significant project that would have us doing construction for the past 7 years! It has truly been a labor of loveJ

We started with our first restaurant; Pagua Bay Bar & Grill in 2009, in 2010 we opened our first four Cabana’s. We worked tirelessly in 2011 & 2012 to finish the next phase, including two Suites, on-site restaurant, pool, rock walls and landscaping. We officially opened with this phase of the hotel in 2013 and have reaped amazing results! With numerous awards, all of which wouldn’t have been possible without the support and feedback of our guests.

*Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor in 2011 & 2012 for Pagua Bay Bar & Grill *Travellers’ Choice from Tripadvisor in 2011, 2012 & 2013 for Pagua Bay House for: Trendiest – Best Service – Best Bargain *Travellers Choice’ from Tripadvisor 2014 for ‘Best Small Hotels in the Caribbean’ we were listed at #4 out of 25 *’Cheap & Chic Hotels’ in the Caribbean 2014’ from Fodor’s for rooms under $250 *’The Cool List: Caribbean Coolest Hotels’ in the Caribbean Journal#12 out of 25 *‘The Caribbean’s Best Hotels for Design’ in the Caribbean Journal #13 out of 21…this one is my favorite since my husband did all of the architecture & design.

We have treasured all of our guests and thank you for sharing your holiday and amazing pictures with us! We will continue to strive earning your praise & recognition. Tripadvisor has been an invaluable marketing tool...that's how some of you found us:) So thanks a million for taking the time to share your experiences for past & future guests to enjoy. We hope to see you again in the future!

Thanks for your friendship & support.

Alicia, Rick & the Pagua Staff

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sally lives in N.C and stayed with us over the holidays. There was lots of girl bonding with her and the staff, they still always ask about her:)

Fina got quality time with Sally:)
Playing Jane & Tarzan

Love this picture...Sally got upgraded on the way home, heaven!

Female Purple Throated hummingbird.
Red Rock's in Calibishie.
Views overlooking Batbou.

Ceccilia & Erich from Germany, lovely couple. Erich has quite an eye, he also emailed me some fabulous pictures of the property. We've been promised a lunch date when we get to Germany:)

Cecilia & Erich:)

Dave & Kathleen from Canada. They were referred to us by a mutual friend in St.Martin, that they grew up with...small world:)

Dave & Kathleen hiked Segment 7 with their guide Desmond from Concord.
I haven't done this segment yet, we actually dropped them off above the airport and they hiked over Pagua Bay and down. I think it was about a 6+ hour hike and it happened to be muddy, which meant a few falls and lots of mud on themselves:) What fun!

Hubert & Cosi from Vienna shared their honeymoon with us over the holidays:) It seems like ages since they were here, I think they need to come back again to knock off a few more things on their bucket list!

Hubert and Cosi, enjoying a day at Batibou beach.
View of Pagua Bay

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Al & Claudia...we had so much fun with them, lovely couple!I

I vote for 'Couple of the Year' award:) 

Don & Sheila from MD stayed with us in January...can't believe how time fly's! Last time we talked it was a high of 33F where they live:)

Loved their hiking!
A nice hike to Chadierre Pool in Bense.

Emily & Tom lived in the same neighborhood as Rick's parents in Ohio, their cruise ship was making a stop in Dominica, so they decided to join us for the day....this was just over two years ago! My, how things have changed, not only at Pagua Bay, but they now have a new bundle of joy, his name is Mason.

Rick with Tom and Emily and the driver
we had pick them up at port, Bruno.

Can you believe the state of Pagua Bay,
just 2 short years ago?!

See what can happen in a few short years. Congratulations:)

This group drove over from Calibishie to join us at Pagua for lunch; we then later met up again back in Calibishie at another restaurant:) Thanks so much for sharing the pictures Deb & Mike! Try to stay warm:)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fare-thee-well future Doctors of America:)

The Ladies from Ross, celebrating their last night in Dominica at Pagua Bay before
begining their next step of rotations in the States....Good Luck:) Make us proud!
Dani, Brittany, Kristin, Karleigh, Lauren & Courtney

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mark & Pipski my peeps from Sussex, England:) This was their 2nd trip to Pagua Bay and we had a blast!

I think this was after the rum punch:)
On their 2nd trip to Dominica, the Boiling Lake was a must and accomplish this, they did!
Our boys Rick and  Mark
The renowned Islet View & Rudy's rum punch.....
not only does it taste delicious, but it's pretty too:)

Mark & Corrine from Calgary.... Enjoying dinner at Fat'z Fish Fry:) Best fish & crawfish broth on the island!

Corrine, Mark & Rick...friday night special:)

The Watson Family Louis & Jamie, Jane Ashley, Emily & Lauren...fabulous family! We hope Louis & Jamie can come back for a getaway this summer:)

Does it seem like a few family members are missing?
It's not the whole clan, just one of the beauties of Lauren and my beauty Fina:)

Lisa & Dorian are just a hop, skip and a jump away in beautiful Barbados. Lisa has a beautiful place that she also rents, in case your going check it out: Perfect 10! I would agree:)

Dorian is a big should check out the
 waves now my friend! Will get a photo for you:)

Everyone's favorite local lunch spot Islet View, Lisa warned
me to stay away from the
Limeskin, unless of course you like to hallucinate:)

Lisa's place in Barbados - Perfect 10!

Vincent & Sevrin visited us from Nice, what a lovely couple; we plan on seeing them one day in Nice!

Janice and Rob are having a little PTS right now....upon their return home to the Hampton's:) Rob was especially lucky because his lovely lady upgraded to a fabulous suite. They are already planning their return trip, we can't wait!

Just days ago, enjoying their time in Dominica:)

Back to reality in the Hamptons......I have to say the snow looks fabulous from my end!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Salisha is a brave woman traveling with 3 children...she looks fab. while making Motherhood look easy:)

Salisha and her adorable baby girl

 The boys playing with baby crabs...boys will be boys:)

She and her partner also have a bar/restaurant in St.Kitt's if you are ever heading that way
called the Spice Mill Restaurant, it's beautiful, right on the beach: